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Help : Game Types

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   There are currently two game types in Ishar - Classic or Survival. 

   Classic is the traditional Ishar play experience. You accumulate Experience
at a normal rate and when you die, you are shuffled off of the mortal coil for
brief time before being returned to your Inn.  You will have to return to where
you died, but you can retrieve your gear from your corpse.  

The downsides of dying are that you will lose any buffs you have accumulated,
your gear will likely be damaged and you will lose a small amount of
experience - but you have unlimited lives and can try to seek the favor of your
deity to protect you from death. 

   Survival is what was used to be referred to as "PermaDeath".  It used to be
that you would seek out the altar of Thurvuun and pledge your soul to him in
exchange for a higher risk, higher reward play style. This has been changed to 
simply be a game type selection.

In the Survival game type, you only have 1 life. If you die, your character is 
permanently dead, you will also be unable to seek the favor of your deity for
protection from death. In exchange, you receive Experience at twice the normal
rate and you will be able to grow your characters strength with less Renown.

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