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Help : Remorting

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   A shrine was discovered in a tunnel near Hedros which is rumored to
bestow a bonus of additional stat points and renown to the devout in exchange
for all of the experience points and possessions a mortal can offer.
Varenya's shrine will not accept you unless your equipment and bank are
as impressive as is possible.

   Every remort you will gain 3 stats in your primary stat.

   After Varenya accepts your offering, you will be taken to a segment of her
halls wherein you will find several of her emissaries who will help reshape you
for your next life. The changes they can work are incredible and ever expanding
as they grow more familiar with shaping mortals. Within their demesnes you will
be able to leverage your renown in exchange for more fine-tuned improvements;
such as quality of life upgrades (permanent dark vision), auxilliary stat
enhancements (critical strike, speed), or even access to entirely new
abilities and skills.

   A remort needs a sixth again as much (~ +16%) experience for each remort,
will be allowed to rent 2% more equipment per remort and will be returned to
level 5 naked and penniless.  Naked and penniless certainly seems to be the
gods' favorite state for mortals to be in, doesn't it?

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