Ishar MUD

Help : Rules

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(such as "spell" or "MUD Basics")

There are now three rules:

 1) Don't go out of your way to make the game less fun for others.

 2) Only play a character that you created.

 3) Don't use other characters as mules or storage for items.

   Anything else in the game is legal.  If the game allows it, then that's
just how the world works.  Figure out how to deal with everything yourself.

See Also: Player Killing%% 3

Unlike days long past when we had the time and energy to police PKs and
arbitrate disputes, we now take a much more hands-off approach.  If you
prove yourself exceptionally incapable of playing well with others, we'll
probably ban you without even talking to you.  In most other cases, if many
people are doing something we consider to be unfair, we'll add code to the
game to make that harder for them to do.

Frequent violation of rules #2 above will result in annoying
restrictions for everyone using your ISP.  Thus if someone asks you nicely
to stop sharing your characters, please consider paying attention..
%% 21

WARNING: These are the mortal rules. See `help immortal rules` for
         restrictions on immortals.