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Help : Spell Curse

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   When cast on a <victim> who fails his save against spells, the curse
inflicts a minor attack and spell save penalty proportional to the level
of the spell.  These effects last for 60 mud hours.

   A cursed object cannot be removed once worn and if the object is armor
or a weapon, it is less effective thereafter.

   The Remove Curse spell can be used to reverse the effects of a Curse
spell, but only with limited success.

   Effect - Object
      Weapon: Reduces damage by 1 die size
      Armor: Reduced armor class by 1 die

      All: Requires remove curse to remove.

   Duration - Object

   Effect - Person
      Attack: -(level / 2)
      Save Magic: -(level / 3)

      60 hours

   Example - Object
      Weapon - 3d6
         Effect: 3d5

      Armor - 6*1
         Effect: 5*1

   Example - Person
      Level 10:
            Attack: -5 attack
            Save Magic: -3 = -12%

         Duration: 60 hours

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