• Syntax: cast resurrect <target>
  • Level: 16
  • Class: Cleric
  • Component: Treasure worth 5,000 gold
   The spell 'Resurrection' embodies the divine favor granted to Clerics by
their deities. Unlike Necromancers who force souls back to life, Clerics
invite their deities to breathe life back into their comrades.

   This ritual requires focus and cannot be performed during combat. The spell
also demands a generous offering of valuable treasure. It can only be
successfully performed if the Cleric possesses the favor of their deity.

   Only group members still shuffled off the mortal coil can be the target of
Resurrection. If successful, the target is returned to life in fair condition.
Resurrection is indeed a testament of divine favor in its purest form.

See Also: Spell Raise Dead, Divine Favor