• Syntax: cast disease <victim>
  • Level: Mob Only
  • Class: Any
  • Save: Poison
   To date, neither clerical nor necromantic magics have been seen to cause
true disease.  Evolution, however, has provided the creatures of Ishar with a
myriad of curious diseases.  A clerical countermeasure does exist and it
seems to be effective against all diseases currently known.

   Fortunately, the whole of Ishar has not yet come in contact with a 
contagious disease.  The denizens live in blissful ignorance of a true

      Endurance Modify: -range(1, max(3, level / 6))
      Move Points: -level * 2

      level * 2 hours

      Level 10:
         Endurance Modify: -range(1, 3)
         Move Points: -20
      Duration: 20 hours

See Also: Spell Cure Disease