• Syntax: cast protection <target>
  • Level: 8
  • Class: Cleric
  • Save: none
   A cleric has the power to grant the protection of his deity if he so
desires.  A person so protected has resistance to attack by those of lower
level than he.  Be careful though, once you are in combat all bets are off.
Also, if the creature so protected is an Undead, that creature has immunity
to the Dispel Undead spell.

      Aggro Protection

      5 hours + ((level * 1 hour) / 4)

      Level 10:
         Effect: Reduced aggro chance against mobs less than or equal to the
            level of the person protected.
         Duration: 5 + (10 / 4) = 7 hours

See Also: Spell Dispel Undead