The spell trance places a magician into a trance-like state, allowing a
magician to cast powerful spells while engaged in combat.  The duration of the
trance is barely one hour.  Both Focus and Perception are increased based
on the level of the spell.

When the caster emerges from a trance, spell and movement energies are 
depleted if not already used, and the caster remains exhausted for a
short time thereafter.  The effects of the trance can not be combined
with those of Haste.

      Expertise: 1 + (level / 6) 
      Speed: level / 8
      Mana Heal: -4
      Attack: -15

      1 hour

      Lose all remaining mana and moves.

      Level 10:
            Mind: 1 + (10 / 8) = 2
            Speed: 10 / 8 = 1
            Mana Heal - 4
            Attack: -15
         Duration: 1 hour

See Also: Spell Haste, Focus, Perception