• Syntax: cast 'raise dead' <target>
  • Level: 8
  • Class: Necromancer
  • Component: Treasure worth 1,000 gold
   The spell 'Raise Dead' allows Necromancers to manipulate the thin line
separating life and death. Through their power, they can call upon the soul of
a deceased comrade, and compel it back to its mortal shell. The caster needs
to offer a tribute of valuable treasure to strengthen the spell.

   The Necromancer must focus all their energy on the ritual and can't cast
it during combat. Moreover, the spell only works if the target is still 
shuffled off the mortal coil and part of the Necromancer's group. If the target
has already rejoined the realm of the living, the spell will fail

   The raised comrade will come back to life but at the brink of death
(1 health, 1 mana, 1 movement). Their sudden return to life also incurs a
debuff on them.

See Also: Spell Resurrection, Divine Favor