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Help : Spell Dispel Undead

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   This spell turns an Undead creature to dust instantly if it is not
specially protected by a deity and is close to or less than the level of the

   If the creature is not Undead, but is of evil alignment and the caster is
of good or neutral alignment, the <victim> suffers an amount of damage between
<level of caster> and 2*<level of caster>.

   Effect - Undead:
      If the targets level + a rolled number between -2 and 2 is less than or 
      equal to the casting level, no effect.

      Otherwise, instantly kill the target.

   Effect - Evil vs Non-Evil
      Damage: range between level and (level * 2)

      Undead - Target Level 10 - Casting Level 10:
         Rolled Number -2 - 0: Instantly kill the target
         Rolled Number 1 - 2: No effect

      Evil vs Non-Evil - Level 10
         Damage: range between 10 and 20

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